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divides any audio file in speech and silent segments based on a customized cofiguration that supports diverse criteria like maximal length of the segment, silence threshold.


can handle different
transcription formats of different tools like TRS (for transcriber 1.5.1), .TAG (for Transcriber AG), JSON and STL. Furthermore it offers extensions to implement further formats.


validates the transcription from different aspects like spellheck, tags, filler words and format schema. The checks are live and supports the transcribers to be aligned with the transcription guidelines

Glolix added value

Glolix is an advanced solution for executing audio transcription projects with high quality.

It has not only modules that support audio transcription and annotation, but it provides also workflow that allows an optimal collaboration between project managers, transcribers and quality assurance managers using active streams and role based user interface.

Glolix includes diverse modules that could be used separately or combined.